Lisa Hartman Massage Therapy

The Massage Session

Preparing for a Massage Session

Now that you've decided to incorporate massage to improve and maintain your health, there are a few basics to keep in mind:

  • Drink plenty of water both before and after your massage session. Why? It's important to drink water before your massage because, when you're properly hydrated, your muscles will respond better to massage and you will have better results. After your massage, water intake is also very important. Massage releases the toxins we store in our muscles (from metabolic waste and environmental pollutants). Drinking sufficient water will flush them out of your system to ensure that you don't end up with a headache or stomachache.
  • Eat lightly or wait to eat until after your massage. 
  • If you can, it's best to shower or bathe before your session. You will be more comfortable and relaxed after a nice, steamy shower. Your muscles will begin to loosen and you may have better results from your massage. In addition, certain treatments use aromatherapy and it's better to shower before the application of essential oils. HOWEVER, life is so busy and this is not always possible. If not, don't stress it! Your massage will still be wonderful and effective.
  • Be on time! Arriving late for your massage will shorten the length of your massage, as your session must still end on time. You will still be responsible for the full price of the scheduled service. 

During a Massage Session

Whether you are new to massage therapy or you've been receiving massages for decades, here is a brief explanation of what to expect here during your massage session:

  • Your massage will take place in a cozy, comfortable room with a cushioned table designed for massage.
  • We will briefly go over your medical history to ensure that you do not have any health conditions for which massage therapy is contraindicated (not advised). Examples: uncontrolled diabetes, uncontrolled high blood pressure, kidney disease, skin infections, or any contagious health conditions. If you think you may have a contraindicated condition, or are unsure, contact us before scheduling your appointment.
  • After we finish discussing your medical history, you will be left alone to allow you to undress to your level of comfort. How much do you undress? That is entirely up to you. Most often, people undress down to their underwear; some people prefer to be nude, and some people leave most of their clothing on. Whatever you decide, it's important that you know that your modesty is protected throughout your massage. You will be covered with sheets/ blankets, or large towels throughout your entire session. The only time any area is uncovered is while it is being massaged, after which it is recovered. Most massages treat the following areas: Back, legs, feet, arms, hands, neck, and head. To treat specific areas of pain, and with consent, the hips, gluteals, and upper pectorals may be massaged. At no time and under no circumstance will the groin, male or female genetalia, or female breasts ever be exposed or touched. *ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY: Any inappropriate behavior or comments will warrant immediate termination of your massage session. If your session is terminated for inappropriate behavior, you will still be responsible for 100% of your scheduled appointment price and you will be reported to the local police department.*
  • During your massage, the door of communication is always open! If you need the pressure adjusted, if you feel too warm or too cold, if you need a tissue, etc., don't be shy!

After a Massage Session

  • Once your massage is finished, you will be left alone to redress. Be sure to take your time and get up slowly- you may feel a little wobbly or lightheaded. Once you're dressed, you're all finished! Be ready to drink lots of water! I may have some suggestions for future care. If so, I will go over that with you at that time.
  • It is best to take it easy the rest of your day (with the exception of pre-event or remedial sports massage). Strenuous work or activities may cause your muscles to return to their previous state and lessen the benefits to you.
  • Make your next appointment! Regular massages are a key factor in getting your body balanced. Making your future appointment right away not only ensures appointment time availability, but also that you will have a reminder to take care of a very important person... YOU! See you soon!