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Foot Massage Specials

Our feet bear the weight of our body, carry us through life & are often not given the attention they deserve. It's amazing to think that each of our little feet has 26 bones, dozens of muscles and thousands of nerve endings. It's no wonder that a good foot massage has the ability to relax our entire body, refresh our spirit and quiet our mind. Foot massage has been shown to boost circulation, improve mood (due to the nervous system's response to release endorphins), reduce pain and promote better sleep.

You know we love to pamper you and we have quite the special for you!!

$19.... 25 minute "Express Foot Refresher"

$29....50 minute "Foot Renewal"

$39...60 minute "Deluxe Foot Relief" *begins with a 10 minute mineral foot soak*

As you lie back and relax on the treatment table, your practicioner will apply steamy, warm towels to hug your feet and ankles, preparing them to welcome the exfoliating scrub that gently reveals fresher, healthier skin and relaxes the body. She will expertly remove the exfoliant and work her magic, massaging away tension and aches and pains in your feet and bringing you into relaxation and restoration!

With a selection of formulas focused on deep relaxation, pain relief, detoxification, hydration, or beautification, you'll choose which best suits your needs so your service is tailored just for you! Add a detoxifying foot mask to any service for $10.

Online scheduling is now open and we can't wait to treat you!

 Deep Relaxation Feature

Available in either a 50 minute or 80 minute session, we invite you to blissfully escape into a deep relaxation massage with aromatherapy and an exfoliating back scrub.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow the soothing scent of essential oils to lure you down the path of peace while warm, healing hands guide you deeper and deeper into total relaxation, where your mind releases it's grip on the cares of life and your body finds healing in this blissful state. Rich, exotic scented sugar scrubs gently exfoliate and hydrate your back, leaving you feeling more refreshed than ever- simply renewed and rejuvenated. Schedule "Deep Relaxation" online now.

50 minutes... $65 or 80 minutes... $85